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Program Info

The Islamic Centre provides access for our children and youth to Islamic education in a safe and fun environment. This creates not only youth that better understand their religion but fosters and strengthens their identity as Canadian Muslims by developing a strong sense of community and attachment to the Muslim institutions in the area. Friendships made at Weekend Schools often become lifelong. Weekend School classes are held on Saturday and Sundays from September till May. Curriculum includes Arabic, Quran and memorization and Islamic Studies.

Vision Statement:

Working to provide a positive Islamic teaching environment to learn, inspire and excel in a diverse society and guide our students to become model citizens with Islamic values.


Education committee will comprise of a Chair (from Board of Directors), Principals from both the Saturday/Sunday School Programs (will act as Co-Chairs), and volunteers. The Education Committee will work to adhere to the mission of the Islamic Centre and Education Program and with the values below. 

  • Develop a love for Allah (SWT), His Messenger (SAW) and the believers
  • Learn the teachings of the Islam according to mainstream understanding
  • Develop skills of reading, speaking, listening to fulfill the basic understanding of the Quran and Sun’ah
  • Learn the importance of faith (Iman), Purpose of prayer (Salah) and Islamic Character (Akhlaaq)
  • Develop a daily practice of prayers, Islamic etiquette and Islamic way of living
  • Develop a sense of diversity and respect of all cultures, languages and religions

 Weekend Program Outcomes

Weekend School program’s outcomes are to ensure the following

  • Children become practicing Muslims
  • Have good character
  • Have a positive sense of identity as Muslims (Aklhaaq)
  • Have sound knowledge of Islam and its teachings
  • Sound Faith (Iman)
  • Importance of Daily activities ie Prayer (Salah)


Both Saturday and Sunday Schools will accept students for the academic year for ages 4-13. Early registration is recommended as our class sizes are fixed and limited.

School Principal: Sister Layla