The Islamic Cemetery of London (ICL) was incorporated in 2005 as a lawn cemetery to serve the Muslim community in southwest Ontario. The cemetery has bylaws and regulations that set the boundaries of operations in compliance with the cemeteries Act. It defines the guidelines for both the operators and the purchasers of its services.

ICL is registered and licensed by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) as a lawn cemetery under license # 4701181-1. Consumers are advised to review the BAO Consumer Information Guide here.

Due to water and soil conditions within the site the cemetery board incorporated a policy to use concrete vaults designed to suite Islamic burial requirements. This vault protects the deceased remains from damage due to cave-ins when the adjacent plot is excavated. The board also installed concrete walkways to minimize unnecessary walking over the plots and to help the community in locating their loved ones. The walkways are numbered 1 to 10 and each walkway is divided into sections identified alphabetically. Each section covers five plots on each side.

Washroom facilities are provided by a portable unit with full flush and sink service. The sink service is converted to a waterless unit during freezing period of the year. The community is reminded that cleanliness is part of our culture and is urged to keep the unit clean.

The cemetery is fully covered with an automated irrigation system with sprinkler heads at the edge of the grass areas. Parking or driving over the grass damages the grass and the sprinkler heads.

To help cemetery staff to keep the site clean and tidy and minimize maintenance costs we ask our community to abide by the cemetery bylaws and regulations. A summary of prohibited activities is listed herein as a reminder to all of us. Please help us keep our grounds tidy and beautiful.

Prohibited Activities

  • No person other than cemetery staff shall remove any sod or in any other way change the surface of the burial lot in the cemetery.
  • No person other than cemetery staff shall place a marker or relocate a marker.
  • Marker should not have any religious texts or pictures of deceased.
  • No person shall place a picture of the deceased on the plot.
  • No person shall plant trees, flower beds or shrubs in the cemetery except with the approval of the cemetery.
  • Flowers placed on a grave for a funeral shall be removed by the cemetery staff after a reasonable time to protect the sod and maintain the tidy appearance of the cemetery.
  • The cemetery reserves the right to disallow or remove quantities of memorial wreaths or flowers considered to be excessive and that diminishes the otherwise tidy appearance of the cemetery.
  • Artificial flowers and wreaths containing wires or glass are prohibited.
  • Loose stones or any objects that in the opinion of the operator may constitute a hazard to staff, visitors or equipment are prohibited.
  • Smoking and littering are prohibited within the cemetery grounds
  • Driving or parking on grass is prohibited as it damages sprinkler heads and sod.
  • Dogs are not allowed on cemetery grounds.

Contacts to Book for Service

Amne Ali                             Executive Director of ICSWO                    O: 519-668-2269 /C: 226-235-1893

Adnan Mohammad           Superintendent                                                                          C: 519-694-4448

Hassib Zabian                    London Muslim Mosque                                                            C: 519-871-4973

Nazih Moroui                    Almahdi Almuntathar Union                                                     C: 519-702-9390


Contacts for General Information

Amne Ali                             Executive Director of ICSWO                   O: 519-668-2269 / C: 226-235-1893

Hisham Slim                       President of ICL                                                                          C: 519-860-4408

Naeem Qureshi                 VP & General Manager of ICL                                                   C: 519-933-9597

Hassib Zabian                    Secretary of ICL                                                                           C: 519-871-4973

Mohammad Yassine        Tresurer of ICL                                                                             C:519-318-4015