The Islamic Centre bylaws call for the annual election of a nine member board of directors. To be nominated to be elected to the board, members must be in good standing for an uninterrupted consecutive three years. Directors volunteer to serve on a rotational basis for up to a maximum of six years, allowing for entry of two new members each year.  The elected board will appoint, from its members, an Executive Committee consisting of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each board member will chair one of the Centre’s committees.


Najey Mankal
Executive Committee
President, Chairman of the Board
Naeem Qureshi
Executive Committee
Vice President
Hisham Slim
Executive Committee
Rifat Hussain
Executive Committee


Ashfaq (Kash) Husain
Zina Atta
Nazem Abouchami
Nadia Shousher
Nadia Shousher
Membership/Fundraising, Social
Vacant Position
Adeel Farooqi


Assalamu Alaikum:

As the current President and Chair of the Board of Directors of The Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario, I would like to thank you for your continued support for over 25 years of service to London’s Muslim Community. What started as an idea, developed into a vision and was transformed into reality by a group of dedicated individuals and families who foresaw the growth of our community and sought to address that need by establishing The Islamic Centre. May their efforts be a perpetual charity that will benefit them well into the Akhirah.

During these past 25 years, The Islamic Centre has continually sought to foster and develop a community that is strong in its identity as Canadian Muslims; with a strong focus on children and youth. The Centre has provided services and programs to thousands of families and young individuals through our weekend school, Sunday lectures, camps and social and religious activities.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank all the hard working people that work and volunteer to make the Centre a vibrant and successful place that it is. They do it quietly without praise and most without any compensation. From our Imams to our staff and the numerous volunteers, I am deeply grateful for your hard work and dedication to our Centre.

Personally, I grew up with The Centre where I assisted with the initial demolition and renovations, to then being one of the youngest board members that included being the Chairman of the Youth Committee as well as a Sunday School Teacher. My parents have been instrumental in my involvement with The Centre. Alongside them, I too wish to continue in their legacy.

I am both honored and humbled of the faith and confidence the community has placed in me to serve as The President and Chair of the Board of Directors. Insha’Allah, I along with the Board of Directors continue to strive to create, grow and improve the Centre for our families and future generations so that they too can benefit as much as I have.

All the success of The Islamic Centre is truly due to the Grace and blessings of Allah (SWT) and we praise and thank Him. We pray He continues to shower His Favor upon us as we embark on the next 20 + years of service to Him and our community Insha’Allah.



Najey Mankal
President and Chairman of the Board