The loss of a dear one is a traumatic experience that may be softened with the strength of faith. The Muslim community in London has made a coordinated effort to help the families during this trying time. All Islamic institutions within London are represented on a funeral coordinating group. Group members offer the bereaved family guidance to the process, schedule and logistics.

In Islam burial of the deceased on the same day of death is preferred. This puts a lot of pressure on the family to make arrangements and to understand what when and how each step is performed. The Islamic Centre offers full Islamic Funeral Rites including:
• Meeting with the family and obtaining details,
• Explaining the procedure and guiding the family through the various steps,
• Preparing and posting an announcement of the funeral on its newsletter,
• Coordinating with the destination cemetery
• Receiving the deceased,
• Performing religious body wash,
• Wrapping the body with the white shroud (kafan),
• Placing it in a casket of the family’s choice,
• Performing Muslim Janaza prayer,
• Escorting the Janaza to the cemetery,
• Offering at grave sermon.

Current fees for the muslim funeral rite services listed above are $700.

The Centre also provides facilities for the family to hold condolences. To obtain details and fees please call 226-235-1893 or email