Every soul shall experience the taste of death. We test you with hardships and blessings and in the end you will all return to Us. 
Quran 25/35

In the year 2000 the available plots suitable for Muslim burial in London were limited. The Islamic Centre initiated a project to own and operate a Muslim cemetery for the community of southwest Ontario. Purchasing the land, zoning and planning took five years of hard work by a team of volunteers. The Islamic Cemetery of London was finally incorporated in 2005 as a non-for-profit corporation sponsored by the ICSWO as a service to the Muslim Community of southwest Ontario. It is located at 6100 White Oaks Road, 5 minutes south of London. It covers 57 acres and can accommodate the community’s needs for generations to come. The cemetery is registered under the Ontario Cemeteries Act under license #4701181 and is a lawn cemetery; where no monuments allowed above grass level.. The Cemetery is governed by its bylaws and regulations developed in accordance with Funeral and Cremation Services Act 2002 and is obligated to comply with all statutory rules and regulations which include, but not limited to, payment of 40% of each plot sale into a care and maintenance trust account held by the Public Guardian and Trustee.

The Muslims in the London area have grown to count in excess of 30,000 and come from all over the world. They offer a mixture of cultures, languages and customs. Even though burial of the deceased in Islam is generally a simple practice, the variety of cultures add endless complexities. The Islamic Cemetery is designed to provide interment services with the utmost of care and uniformity across the board for all Muslims by following bylaws and maintenance guidelines that are simple, and easily adhered to.


The Islamic Cemetery is registered as an independent non-for-profit corporation managed by members of the community. Being a non-for-profit corporation, all board members as well as all funeral committee members are volunteers. Community members are encouraged to contact any of board members for information or to volunteer. Current board of directors include:

Hisham Slim                            President

Naeem Qureshi                       V.P. and General Manager

Mohammad Yassine              Treasurer

Hassib Zabian                         Secretary

Abdul Hamid Hassoun          Director



  1. Upon the passing of a dear one, the family will notify the Islamic Centre or its local mosque by calling the office or, after hours, will contact one of the representatives listed herein and provide the name, gender, age and location of the deceased.
  2. The family will be informed of the procedures and possible timing of funeral and will be asked to contact one of the transfer service agencies that will provide all necessary documentation and permits and the transportation of the deceased to the centre or mosque for the service and then to the Cemetery.
  3. If the deceased was a recipient of social support, the family must proceed to the office of Discretionary Benefits at the City of London social services in Westmount Mall before proceeding to the funeral home. Failure to do so will result in denial of any financial support to the family. The office of discretionary benefits will issue a file number to the family.
  4. Normally burial is completed the same day if the death occurs overnight or early in the day and the body is released by the authorities before 10:00 am. Otherwise the burial will take place the second day.
  5. The cemetery does not own excavation equipment and relies on a designated contractor with the experience and necessary liability insurance to carry out the excavation and interment. In certain cases due to weather or contractor unavailability, burial may have to be delayed for one day.
  6. The transfer services for the transport of the deceased and the services of the Centre or Mosque will be contracted directly by the family and are separate from the contract for Cemetery services.

Adult Funeral Procedure

  1. The Centre or the LMM will send a mass email informing the community of the passing of the deceased as well as time and place of the funeral. The email will also state, should the family wish, of where, when and for how long condolences will be accepted by the family.
  2. Member of the deceased family will be asked to go to the assigned funeral home to sign a contract for the transportation of the deceased. The Transfer Agent will be responsible for obtaining the burial permit, pickup of the deceased and delivering it to Mosque/Centre for preparation and Janaza prayer, then transferring the deceased to the cemetery.
  3. The family representative will also be asked to attend at the Islamic Centre Office to sign a contract for the selection of the burial plot and purchase of interment services. If the family has pre-selected the plot, the named designated representative would be asked to identify himself and sign a contract for the balance of interment services.
  4. Interment services by the Islamic Cemetery are separate from the services provided by the Mosque/Centre and will include the open and closing of the grave, supply of pine casket, supply and installation of a concrete vault , and the maintenance of the property thereafter.
  5. The family may also purchase a granite plaque with or without a vase to be installed after the grave surface restoration is complete (approximately 6 to 8 months after burial).
  6. When the Mosque/Centre receives the body, Islamic burial rites will be provided and may include body washing, shrouding and placing it in a casket. The casket will be shrouded with a temporary special shroud until delivered to the Cemetery. Special cultural or ethnic shrouds are not permitted..
  7. Muslim burial rites service will be initiated by the Imam and will start with a few words explaining the Islamic cycle of life followed by a special supplication for the deceased and the family. The floor will also be available for any of the family or guests to speak if so desired.
  8. The funeral prayer is held typically after the noon or afternoon regular prayer. However there may be exceptions depending on the circumstances. The prayer will be officiated by the Imam.
  9. After the funeral prayer, the hearse will transfer the deceased to the cemetery. The imam will accompany the procession to the cemetery.
  10. After the deceased is buried, the Imam will give a brief sermon.
  11. Back at the Mosque/ Centre, the family may schedule and receive condolences.

Child Funeral Procedure

The primary difference between the adult and child procedures is related to the permitting and transportation only. Although the funeral home will be glad to do the paperwork and transportation, in certain cases when the child is a premature birth or miscarriage, the family may wish to do these activities

  1. Obtain death certificate from the hospital (originals only) and proceed to City Hall to obtain the burial permit. On holidays and weekends the London Police Department will issue the permit. . In certain cases, depending on the age of the child, burial permit may not be issued.
  2. With the permit in hand proceed to pick up the deceased and deliver it to the Centre/LMM for preparation and funeral services.
Cemetery Contacts
  • Naeem Qureshi
    • 519-933-9597
  • Hisham Slim
    • 519-860-4408
  • Hassib Zabian
    • 519-871-4973
  • Amne Ali
    • 226-235-1893
  • Hassib Zabian
    • 519-871-4973
  • Amne Ali
    • 519-668-2269 | 226-235-1893
  • Nazih Moroui
    • 519-702-9390
Cemetery Hours

The cemetery is open until 8:00 PM everyday (including weekends).