Dr Munir

Dr. Munir El Kassem was educated at Al-Maqasid Islamic Institute in Lebanon where the foundation of his Islamic knowledge was established.

Following his migration to Canada, he continued his studies at Western University earning a Master’s Degree in Medical Genetics thereafter joining the University of Toronto to graduate as a dental surgeon in 1986. After spending 15 years in general practice, he joined Western University as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, a position he held until his retirement from the academic field in 2010 to focus on community development.

Since his arrival in Canada in 1976, Dr. El-Kassem has been very actively involved in sharing his Islamic knowledge with Muslims as well as non-Muslims (Islamic Da’wa). His audio and videotapes on various Islamic issues have been widely distributed. He is the author of many Islamic books. He has visited a large number of Muslim communities across Canada, the Caribbean and the United States. He has also participated in interfaith dialogue and appeared on numerous radio and T.V. programs. Dr. El-Kassem has helped numerous Muslim communities fundraise for mosques, Islamic schools, and humanitarian projects all over the world. He is recognized as a passionate speaker, youth leadership trainer, and family counselor, and marriage officer. Over many years, Dr. El-Kassem was a volunteer chaplain at Western University and also with the London Police Services Board. He is an honorary member of The Institute for Middle East Studies, Canada (IMESC) at Kings University College, which is an affiliate of Western University in London, Ontario. Dr. El-Kassem is the recipient of the Golden Jubilee Award, Diamond Jubilee Award, and the Outstanding Achievement Award for Volunteerism in Ontario.

Dr. El-Kassem is currently the Director of Religious Affairs and Imam of the Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario. His portfolio spans a wide range of responsibilities from providing Islamic guidance for the operation of Centre’s activities to providing essential family services like marriage ceremonies and funerals. Dr. El-Kassem has been associated with the Centre since its inception in 1994. His contributions over the years included being supply Imam, providing Sunday lectures, working with Youth and Supporting educational programs. He is married and blessed with five daughters and one son.