Ramadan is observed and celebrated in very special ways at the Islamic Centre. This is usually manifested in a religious, social and educational component. On the religious front there are daily Taraweeh prayers that follow ‘Isha prayers. Large crowds assemble daily to enjoy that spiritual experience which is enhanced by a short talk on faith related topics.  During the last ten days of Ramadan worshippers assemble one hour before dawn to perform Qiyam prayers in congregation followed by a potluck Sahur (pre-dawn meal) before Fajr prayers. Of special significance is Lailatul Qadr (usually observed on the 27th night of the month). Special programs are usually planned for the entire family all night between Taraweeh and Qiyam. Some people may even choose to observe ‘Itikaf by worshiping at the Centre for the entire ten day period.

The social component of celebrating Ramadan at the Islamic Centre is quite exciting. Every weekend there is a community Iftar dinner (sometimes more than once) sponsored by one or more families. People look forward to these dinners as they bring together families and friends in a fun filled Islamic environment. Quite often there are special guest speakers who are invited to these iftars.

The educational component is usually manifested by special Ramadan lectures given on Sundays. These are quite popular as they have materials relevant for all members of the family. People are encouraged to ask questions and often children and youths are presented with quizzes related to Islamic information.